FANTAC Minilab Rolls RC Series

  • Description

1.      Size 5”, 6”, 8”, 10” 12” with 100m/65m/60m

2.      GSM & Surface:

-235gsm RC Glossy/Satin

-250gsm RC Glossy/Luster Photo paper

-240gsm RC Glossy/Satin Photo paper

-260gsm RC Glossy/Satin/Luster Photo paper

3.      Machine:

Noritsu: Dry Lab D1005, D703, D701, D1005HR, D5002

Fujifilm: Frontier-S (DX100) / DL430/450/600/650 PRO.

Epson: Sure Lab D3000/D700.

4.      Application: pretty suitable for photo industry, albums and advertisements

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